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19th Anniversary Our Pastors 19 Years" (Sharon Davison and  Pastor Kellie Sullivan)

19th Anniversary Communion Video Made For A Mission (Felicia Earl)

19th Anniversary "Thank You Pastors Happy 19th Anniversary" (Sharon Davison & Pastor Kellie Sullivan)

20th Anniversary "Happy 20th Anniversary" (Felicia Earl)

20th Anniversary Tribute  To Pastors By Arleen McVay

22nd Pastors Anniversary Presentations

22nd Pastors Anniversary Video

"40 Days of Love" (Felicia Earl)

 45th Anniversary Clip (Felicia Earl)

"Access Chair--Karen Hoagland, Pastor Rick, Pastor Toby & Camille Fitzpatrick

"Access Chair 2--Karen Hoagland, Sylvia Fields, Evelyn Reese, & Gloria Jester"

Advent "In Honor & Remembrance Of Loved Ones"

ALL OUT PRAISE FEST"  Play Part 1      Play Part 2:  Starts With Trial Before Pilate       Play Part 3 Starts With Jesus Before The Cross & Song It Doesn't Matter What Color You Are, As Long As Your Blood Is Red

Advice On Mother's Blessings (Kacie Armstrong)

Angels We Have Heard On High (Drevon Brown)

Black History "Here To There--From Slavery To The Presidency" (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley)

Black History Moment (Deborah Chambers)

Black History Moments (Jada and Keon Abner)

Black History Presentation 1  (Felcia Earl)

Black History Presentation 2-08 (Felicia Earl)

Black History "The Black Inventors" (Kellie Sullivan)"

Black History "Lord Why Did You Make Me Black" (Shannon Hendrix)

"The Bread That Gives Life" Karen Hoagland

"Celebrating 21 Years Of Ministry Together"

Celebration Sunday 2010 Video

Christmas "Getting Ready For The Birth Of The Savior (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley) (Video Download)

Christmas Story 2007 (Karen Hoagland & Pastor Rick)   (Video Download)

Christmas Story 2008 Jesus --The First Few Years "(Karen Hoagland & Pastor Rick)  (Video Download)

Christmas: "Give The Gift Of God"  (Felicia Earl)

Christmas "What Shall I Give" (Felicia Earl)

Communion Video: "I Love You, Jesus" by Karen Hoagland & Music My Peter Jackson

Communion Video By Audrey Marshall

Communion Video-December  By Felicia Earl

Communion-"Why Should I Vote" By Felicia Earl & Pastor Rick

"Count Your Blessings" By Felicia Earl

"Desiderata" by Karen Hoagland

Drama Skit The Seven Last Words  (Several Participants) (Video Download)  

Dr. King Civil Rights Slide Show  (Felicia Earl)

Dr. King  "I've Been To The Mountain Top"  (Felicia Earl)

Dr. King Reflections (Diane Owens-Hall)  

Dr. King Reflections (Bryan Thomas, Maurice Carlise And Brandon Armstrong) 

Easter Power & Hope (Felicia Earl)

Easter Prelude (Karen Hoagland)

Encouraging Words For The New Year (Felicia Earl)

Evangelism (Pastor Rick With Walter Glenn & Felicia Earl)

Everyday Victories For Everyday People (Karen Hoagland)

Everybody Plays The Fool (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley)

Excellence In Action by Felicia Earl

Fashion Show Sponsored By The Women's Association. "Introduction, Scene 1 Casual Scene & Scene 2 Color Of The Year"    "Scene Three Haute Couture"      "Scene Four Accessorizing"      "Scene Five Church Wear"     "Thank You's Part 1"    "Thank You's Part 2"   "Scene Six Evening Wear"    "Final Recognitions & Closing"

Fashion Show 2011

"Fathers-Tribute To Fathers & Men 2008" (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley)

"Fathers---Tribute To Fathers" Dance With My Father Again  (Felicia Earl)

First Noel (Drevon Brown)

First Six Days Of Creation" (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley)

Getting Ready For The Birth Of The Savior (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley) (Video Download)

"Give Thanks" (Felicia Earl)

"Give Thanks"--Sharon Davison

"Give Thanks To The Lord" (Felicia Earl)

"Glenville Inauguration (Barak Obama) Photos"

"Greatness"  Felicia Earl

"Go Tell It On The Mountain" (Antaya Ponder)

God Probably Will Not Ask (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley)

God's Armor (Felicia Earl)

Good Friday-Maundy Thursday 2007  (Felicia Earl)

Good Friday Maundy Thursday 2 (Felicia Earl)

Good Friday/Maundy Thursday 2008  -Voices Narrator-Susan Gillespie, Jesus-Greg Cosper,  1st Thief & Centurion- Larry Rush Sr. &  2nd Thief-Joseph Billups (Felicia Earl) (Video Download)

Good Friday "Were You There" 2008 (Karen Hoagland)

Happy Mothers Day  (Felicia Earl & Karen Hoagland)

"He Was Walking Her Home"  (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley)

"Here To There--From Slavery To The Presidency" (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley)

"Honoring Our Daughters" Processional Group 1   Processional Group 2    Processional Group 3

           Recessional  Young Ladies Marching Out  

"Honoring Our Daughters "Young Ladies With Escorts"   "Young Ladies & Roses" (Hamilton Productions)

How Do You Spend 75 Years Of Living (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley)

"Improving Relationships" by Felicia Earl

"In The Beginning" (Karen Hoagland) (Video Download)

"It's Friday - But Sunday's Coming" (Easter Video 4-12-09 Preceding The Sermon)

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season (Felicia Earl)

Jesus Was Ripped Off  (Pastor Rick & Gregg Gosper)

John & Jonnie Hayes Video: "He Was Walking Her Home

Joy To The World (Drevon Brown)

Kwanzaa 2009  Service Part 1  Kwanzaa Service 2009 Part 2  Kwanzaa Service 2009 Part 3

KWANZAA 2010 African Soul International TV Service

"Lessons From Bible Characters" (Felicia Earl)

"Life After Death Play (Brandon Armstrong)

"Little Drummer Boy" (Antaya Ponder)

Living Sacrifices (Felicia Earl)

Love 1 Corinthians 13 (Pastor Rick)

Love & Marriage John & Jonnie Hayes Video: "He Was Walking Her Home"   (Video Download)

Maundy Thursday Story-Good Friday 2007  (Felicia Earl)

Maundy Thursday 2 (Felicia Earl)

Maundy Thursday /Good Friday 2008  -Voices Narrator-Susan Gillespie, Jesus-Greg Cosper,  1st Thief & Centurion- Larry Rush Sr. &  2nd Thief-Joseph Billups (Felicia Earl)

Maundy Thursday "Were You There" 2008 (Karen Hoagland)

Memorial Day Tribute  (Karen Hoagland)

Men We're In Battle  (Felicia Earl & Pastor Rick)

"Mother's Day 2011"  (Pastor Rick)

Mother's Day Tribute (Felicia Earl & Pastor Rick)

 "My Little Brother"  (Chris Webb)

"Not My Brothers Keeper"   (Play) By Brandon Armstrong

Oh Holy Night (Devon Brown)

Parents Take Time Now (Sharon Davison)

Pastor Kellie 4th Anniversary: We Love You Pastor Kellie  

Power Of Words (Pastor Rick)   Power Of Words Download

Power To Change (Pastor Rick, Chris Webb, Felicia Earl)

Put To Death (Chris Webb)

Psalm 103 (Felicia Earl)

Respect (Sharon Davison)

Rotolu Children Home Video

Seven Last Words-Good Friday (Pastor Rick & Gregg Cosper)

Share Jesus  Jogger With Words (Pastor Rick With Walter Glenn & Felicia Earl)

Staying Faithful  In Your Journey (Felicia Earl)

Thanksgiving (Felicia Earl)

Thanksgiving (Karen Hoagland)

Thanksgivng Give Thanks" (Felicia Earl)

"Thanksgiving Give Thanks"--Sharon Davison

"Thanksgiving Give Thanks To The Lord" (Felica Earl)

"The Accident" Starring  Keon Abner, Asia Jackson, Antonio James & Latoya Webb. Production Team, Drevon Brown, Rick Gillespie-Mobley, Toby Gillespie-Mobley, Carlton Newton Jr.,  & Jameel Williams-Daniels

"The Beatitudes"  Video11:15 Felicia Earl  

 ""The Beatitudes" Video  8:30  Felicia Earl

The Least Of These" Felicia Earl

"The Lord Is My Shepherd" Karen Hoagland

The Chase" (Chris Webb)

"The Garden" by Karen Hoagland 

"The Heavens Are Telling" Karen Hoagland"

The Lord's Prayer -John, Anita, Chris & Latoya Webb 

"There Is A Place" Karen Hoagland

"Tribute To Fathers & Men 2008" (Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley)

Tribute: We Love You Pastor Kellie  

" True Love Waits Ceremony 2009"

"True Love  Waits Participants" by Tommie Hamilton and Arleen McVay-Darmond

Twelve Days Of Christmas (Pastor Rick)

"What Child Is This" (Antaya Ponder)



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